The blessed gift of our groves

Nature’s preciousness in a bottle
Our love for this eternal gift

Our story

In the sacred land of Ancient Messini, surrounded by old myths and eternal beauty, blessed Olive Trees facing the Temple of Asclepius are washed by the crystal waters Clepsydra Spring, on the foothills of Mount Ithomi. Right here, where the nymphs raised Zeus, we obtain our country’s most precious offering, the Olive Oil.

This is the place where the idea of Olivian Groves came to fruition in 2019. The idea soon led us to the Northeast of the Peloponnese, in another olive-growing land, Argolida.

Our olive grove


Right where the golden Peloponnesian sun touches the restless blue sea in Ermioni Argolidas. Right where the Dryopes and later the Dorians settled in order to cultivate the land, Olivian Groves has created a contemporary irrigation network. Meeting the needs of a large olive grove, our agronomists and crew meticulously follow agricultural practices that treat each of the thousands of trees in a completely different way.

Single Estate, ultra premium


Unique in flavor and nutrition, rich in phenolic antioxidants and with an ultra-low fatty acid content, Hermione extra virgin olive oil is a golden anti-ageing shield with deep flavor notes and a lush color. Extruded solely by mechanical means, enclosed in every Hermione bottle is the supreme Manaki variety.

Our olive grove


Our groves near Ancient Messini, washed in the mythology flowing through the nearby source of Arsinoe, have since ancient times been the place where Asclepius’ patients came to rest, breathe in oxygen, and take in the benefits of the shade under the olive trees. This is the ideal incarnation of the healing power of nature, as Asclepius himself used Olive Oil for his therapies.

Liquid gold PDO Kalamata



Certificate No.: POC/4096-65239.21

Our groves in the land of Messini in the Peloponese give birth to an unparalleled olive oil. The perfect climate conditions of the area, together with the special characteristics of the land’s soil combined with the traditional methods of cultivation and harvesting, yield this special Protected Designation of Origin Extra Virgin Olive Oil, called “PDO Kalamata”.

Our olive groves

Ever sacred, always loyal, steadily fruitful

Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive oil has been a staple in Mediterranean cuisine for thousands of years, and with good reason. This liquid gold is rich in healthy fats, antioxidants, and other beneficial compounds that can provide a host of health benefits. Let’s explore some of the most notable health benefits of olive oil, including its potential to improve heart health,...

OLIVIAN GROVES is proud to be among the Industry Leaders in Good Agricultural Practice!

As a major cultivator, and producer of olive fruits for olive oil extraction in Greece, OLIVIAN GROVES is following all acknowledged Good Agricultural Practices in its own olive groves in Argolida and Messinia of the Peloponnese. The Global Gap certification means promoting and assuring product quality, product safety, traceability, responsibility, optimum farm management, health safety...

Hrysos wins Gold Award at Dubai Olive Oil Competition 2022

Another competition awards HRYSOS with a Gold Medal! We are proud of our work and we guarantee to keep our quality.