Single Estate, ultra premium


Unique in flavor and nutrition, rich in phenolic antioxidants and with an ultra-low fatty acid content, Hermione extra virgin olive oil is a golden anti-ageing shield with deep flavor notes and a lush color. Extruded solely by mechanical means, enclosed in every Hermione bottle is the supreme Manaki variety.

A Single Estate variety that follows a consistent path: Each year, the same grove gives birth to a liquid with a singular identity, locked inside the same bottle. Unmatched in refinement and subtle in texture, this is a top quality oil that is best appreciated in its raw state, bringing an immaculate finishing touch to every dish. An ideal, Extra Virgin Oil to elevate any kind of recipe, the elegance Hermione brings to the table is a rare and beautiful gift of nature.



A rich bouquet of fruitful aromas, dancing together in a symphony of varied, intriguing tones.


Manaki has an elegant, refined profile with a luxurious aftertaste that finds its way straight to the heart of flavor.


500ml bottle / 1lt tin / 4lt tin