In the sacred land of Ancient Messini, surrounded by old myths and eternal beauty, blessed Olive Trees facing the Temple of Asclepius are washed by the crystal waters Clepsydra Spring, on the foothills of Mount Ithomi. Right here, where the nymphs raised Zeus, we obtain our country’s most precious offering, the Olive Oil.

This is the place where the idea of Olivian Groves came to fruition in 2019. The idea soon led us to the Northeast of the Peloponnese, in another olive-growing land, Argolida. The land of the origins of the ancient Royal Greek House of the Argead Dynasty, the House of King Phillip and his son Alexander the Great. The motherland of Perseus and Hercules and in earlier times, the site where Pelasgians lived, the tribe which obtained their name from their king, Pelasgus, who ruled in about 1500 BC. Pelasgus was the father of Graecus from whom the name Greeks comes from.

Brand DNA


Respect, gratitude, commitment. This is our backbone, this is the driving force behind whatever we do. Our love for our land is channeled through the highest standards we set for our production process, commencing from our groves and ending together with each last drop of precious liquid from out awarded bottles. Our philosophy is deeply rooted in the love for our sacred trees, and it branches out to every part of our company.

Brand values


Following in the footsteps of generations before us, and devoted to shaping a greater future for the ones about to come, we strive to make our promise for zero waste a reality. Starting with the olive stones that we loyally upcycle and making the most of the soil we cultivate, our aim is to turn each and every step of production into a shift towards a completely sustainable practice.