Olive Groves

Olive Grove


Safely stretching on the ancient land of Argolis, washed year-round in the warm sun of the Peloponnese, Ermioni is the most endowed part of the region, bearing the gifts bestowed upon her by the mythical Hermione, the beautiful and only daughter of Helen of Troy. It is here that our agronomists care for our olive groves as if they were humans, customizing their attention according to their needs, location and ground, or how much the sun reaches their branches.

40m - 350m
Manaki variety
Olive Grove


Τhe Peloponnese is home to Μessinia, a land whose precious soil was coveted by many since ancient times. Nestled in 30.8 acres (308.000 square meters) of the ancient land of our forefathers, our groves in Messini embody the essence of the strong bond between the fruit and the people. Harvesting season finds the long, silvery olive leaves flickering in the soft wind, as this is the time of the feast. Right here where once families gathered to hand pick the trees with songs and laughter, our methods of precise agricultural practice ensure that this precious liquid gold will find its way to the consumer, as it always has, carrying with it the precious benefits of our Mediterranean diet.

70m - 450m
Koroneiko variety